Eye Brows & Lashes​​

Eye Brows & Lashes

Eyebrows and lashes services at our spa typically include a range of treatments to enhance and refine the look of your eyes. These can encompass eyebrow shaping, tinting, and microblading, along with eyelash extensions, lifts, tints, and perms, all designed to highlight your natural beauty and give you a more polished, effortless look.

Why Do Your Lashes With Us?

Choosing XES Beauty Lounge for your lash services means you’re choosing the experts who really care about details. We believe that every little thing matters, and that’s why we focus on being super precise. When we’re applying your lashes, we make sure each one is put on perfectly, to make your eyes look naturally beautiful. Our team knows how sensitive your eyes can be, so we always put your comfort and safety first. With our careful and exact methods, you’ll get amazing looking lashes that feel great too. Try out our lash services and see the XES Beauty Lounge difference for yourself!

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What Steps Can I take to Promote Healthy eyelashes?

Be gentle when removing eye makeup, as harsh rubbing can damage lashes. Consider using a lash conditioner or applying natural oils like castor oil to keep lashes moisturised and healthy.

How do I Prevent Over-Plucking or Shaping Mistakes with my Eyebrows?

Take it slow and only remove a few hairs at a time. consider seeking professional to help for shaping, especially if you’re uncertain. Allow your eyebrows to grow back if you make a mistake.